1. Buddy Charilyn Voicemail INTRO mix WINDOWS ARE ROLLED DOWN 4:25
  2. WIND ON THE WATER by BOSTON POPS Boston Pops 3:30

BEYOND THE DOG is the title of both my book project in the making and column in the Sunday Magazine of the Barre Montpelier Times Argus and Rutland Herald. Here you’ll find excerpts of my writings, an ever growing list of various dog related links and information about PAWS, a pet bereavement group I started with my partner in the fall of 2013.

Once complete, BEYOND THE DOG will share not only a non fiction account of my sixteen years with my beloved dog Buddy, but will also serve as my attempt to demonstrate the powerful impacts dogs in general have on shaping our lives. I believe dog’s posses a very specific and sacred part of our souls and our lives can only be blessed by their presence. The relationships we foster with our dogs can have lasting affects on how we interact with humans and improve our interpersonal relationships with them. But our dogs can also change the way we look at life and most importantly how we think and feel about ourselves daily.

Our understandings of the human canine relationship are complex at the very least. Therefore, new and fresh ideas (and stories) are constantly emerging, and they serve as tools in which to learn by. With this said, I encourage you to revisit this website often for updates, continued postings of new writings and information that can serve you and others you may know. For the last few years, the response to my column has been overwhelming. Please accept my invitation to contact me directly at beyondthedog97@gmail.com

In the meantime, live your life always striving to be the person your dog thinks you are.