Buddha Buddy

August 2014

We began by creating a nice virtual bubble around our inner beings, whatever that means. It was something I was reluctant to do but curious at the same time. I’ve never been much of a believer in superficial “things” but as vulnerable as I was in my grieving I was willing to explore them with an open mind. After all, what did I have to lose other than money and my dog?

It was the day before I layed Buddy to rest. I was a mess. Although I had already made the decision to end his life painlessly and in peace, I promised him, and myself, that I would attempt to reach him though the spirit world and to listen to what he had to say to me. So as planned, I called the psychic at my appointed time while I layed on the floor with my suffering dog.

She had a dog named Buddy too. Right away, I knew this “pet psychic reading” was going to go well. Boy was I wrong. Admittedly, I was somewhat uncomfortable with this first time experience, but I did as I was told and closed my eyes in deep concentration. She explained that through the silence, she would be connecting in to our spirit world. It took a bit longer to find our “higher selves” by phone, naturally.

Much of what was said was true about Buddy. But it could have been true about any dog. Without providing any information about Buddy other than his name, I was told that the purpose of his life was to give me support and guidance through his “dog-based wisdom”. She referred to Buddy as my navigator through life.

She referred to Buddy as my “Budda Buddy, an endearing and immeasurable treasure, a partner in soul who has taught me many things about myself”. While this may be an understatement of truth, I carried on listening as I watched Buddy stare me down panting in misery.

The time for me to navigate on my own was now, as the leash was on me instead of him. She watched as Buddy stood on the other side of a murky river, polluted with oil and debris, guiding me to the other side where palm trees and peace awaited. This side of the river was called “freedom”. He reminded me constantly that he would protect me along this journey. I was intrigued, admittedly, about this pathway of discovery for reasons I will write about in my book. While trying to grasp this, Buddy interrupted himself to remind me that it was time for me to help him. “I’ve never stopped helping you Buddy. Do you need the vet receipts as proof?” I snarled back at him through my inner spirit.

Buddy then reminded me that he has “taken a lot of hits for me”. “Emotional hits, maybe, but you and I both know no one has ever layed a hand on you” I said through my beam to his brain.

Suddenly, without any warning, Buddy was said to be “changing gears” and my psychic said she could see a Frisbee. “Buddy doesn’t like Frisbee’s” I said. “He’s never shown any interest in them – ever”, I added. “He needs you to get playful together with him and shake off the trespassing that he protected you from” she came back with. “Buddy needs you to navigate him to his youth in becoming a new and playful puppy and it’s critical to his being”. Apparently I needed to step up and start treating him as a pup even though he couldn’t even get up on his own let alone walk more than a few feet. Just as I thought we were nearing the end of our spiritual pet reading Buddy carried on expressing his needs: create more routines that “reinvented freedom”, treat him as if he were in “kindergarten”, integrate a new diet consisting of eggs twice per week and grass-fed beef. “And by the way” the psychic said hastily, “Buddy says he‘s 12 years old, at the prime of his life, not at death, and has much more time to share with you“(even though he was hardly alive). Buddy added that he wanted to live a simple life, needed to shed some weight (he was half his normal weight) and that he wasn’t expensive like girlfriends. Please.

Maybe some day Buddy will fetch a Frisbee with me, but it wasn’t in this life a year ago. No one knows your dog better than you. Save your money and trust your instincts. The answers to all your questions about your dog are in his eyes. 

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