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Please write your book. We hope to be one of the first to buy it and treasure it. I wish you could write more than once a month for the Sunday papers, but will look forward to your next column. 

– Ruth Winkler

As an university professor,  a college founder, a some-time journalist and a long time dog owner, your pieces are comforting and reminiscent of some of my own canine experiences.  They have been photocopied and sent to similar friends in 9 different countries around the world which is quite an audience for Buddy to be able to entertain.  Do keep writing them, for sure.  I wish that these columns appeared even more frequently, and I am positive I do not stand alone in that thought.                  

  – Norman Rioux, Prof., Norwich Univ.

Thank you for taking the time to share your stories of Buddy with us on “For The Animals”. Seeing you read your articles about your adventures enables one to be in the moment with you, bringing heartfelt joy, laughter, and empathy for a love so strong. Every animal should be so fortunate!

– Sue Skaskiw, Vermont Volunteer Services For Animals

 “The Alpha Bit” – Very well written. Seems like higher value and deeper understanding with this article have been brought to the table.

– Arthur Gaviglia

I wish I had known about this site when I lost my Bailey girl one year ago! I’ve often tried to put down on paper how I felt about the tremendous hole in my heart that her loss left me with, but could never fully verbalize the experience. I struggled with how to process all the emotions and often felt isolated in my grief. I am so grateful that someone has documented the experience for the rest of us. These columns are the love story of a man and his dog, and I can’t wait to buy the book when it is complete. To anyone for whom their dog was more than a pet, but a better half, confidant, true love, and best friend, I highly recommend this site!

– Erin Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     Seattle Washington

BEYOND THE DOG is a collection of sensitive, comical, and genuine, stories about friendship. You’ll read them all … I have.
– Rusty DeWees : producer, writer – SCRAWLINS, SCRAWLINS TOO, a.k.a. The Logger 
I enjoyed your website.  I’ve had many animals over the years, many of them dogs. They are so unconditional.  We love them madly. Thank you for sharing your stories and opening up for others.
– Heidi Passalacqua
Author of  “Here’s to Making it Count”

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