The Book

“Beyond The Dog … Memoirs of a Mans Best Friend” is a project currently in the making. The idea of compiling together short stories on life with my canine companion, “Buddy”, first entered my mind in the summer of 2003 while watching him take his first steps just hours after undergoing a major operation on his spine. Earlier that day, I was unsure if my time with my beloved dog was up. Proving otherwise, Buddy, despite being so unstable, pushed on through a field of dandelions that afternoon with his rear leg dragging behind. It was that day, at that moment, blessings consumed my heart and I learned the meaning of faith, hope and resiliency. It was this moment that I realized the profound impact dogs can have on shaping our lives through lessons we as humans continually fail to learn. It was this moment when I felt our story as of yet must be told.

Once complete, my book will partially include my monthly columns in the Barre/Montpelier Times Argus newspaper which have reached thousands of readers in the last few years.