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Features | Vermont Sunday Magazine
by JD Green

Eye infections, surgeries, stitched wounds. Most dogs owners have been there alongside their four-legged friends. But even more traumatic than the injury or procedure itself can be the “Elizabethan collar” affixed to our pets’ heads...Read More »

Rupert the therapy dog

Sunday, Nov 1
She called him Rupert, but he didn’t mind, at least for that hour every Wednesday. I can’t remember her exact room number at the local nursing home, but for several years, once a week, Buddy knew exactly where he was going....Read More »

Faux Paw


October 04,2015

Buddy had class. He was genuine and honorable and would strut about with uncompromising confidence while upholding his high standard of dignity, elegance and charm.

He could mingle with any crowd, possibly even the royal family. He held his own, knew what he wanted,...Read More »

Hot under the collar

August 1st, 2015

Twenty degrees in ten minutes. Thirty degrees in twenty minutes. Forty degrees in an hour. That’s what can happen inside a parked car on a summer day. Add another two minutes and it could be a game-changer for a young child or pet locked...Read More »

View from above

July 05,2015
He finally found it, exactly what he had been looking for. An old pickup parked in an overgrown pasture high on the hillside that was he was ever so familiar with. This...Read More »

Ruffed up

Sunday, June 7th 2015

“Bring it,” I snarled at Kazi, an 85-pound German shepherd just seconds before he was unleashed. I braced myself for my first-ever “controlled” attack by a police K-9 but already...Read More »


Sunday, May 3rd

The idea of creating a pet expo first entered my mind roughly a decade ago, but after the loss of Buddy I wanted to host such an event in his honor. Saturday, May 16th...Read More »

Wet Kisses

April 5th, 2015

During my morning radio show recently, I posed my “Brain Buster” trivia question to my listeners: “Scientists now believe that the microbes in this can have a probiotic effect while boosting your immune system....Read More »

Best in Show

March 1st, 2015

State tree, state bird, state flower, even state song and amphibian. But the Green Mountain State lacks something Sen. John Rodgers says it’s high time for — a state dog. And not only has he introduced...Read More »

Triple Dog Dare

February, 2015 

“Well, if it isn’t the dog guy,” a stranger said with a smile while we waited in line at the gas station last week. “I know who you are,” he said, but I extended my...Read More »

Tales of the wagging kind

January 2015

One year ago this week, just a few days after Christmas, a devastating fire claimed another Vermont home. The Bristol Fire Department arrived on the scene, but it was too late. Most of the home...Read More »

Moving beyond the loss

May 2014

The rules are simple. You don’t have to speak. There’s already a strong unspoken sense of mutual understanding in the air. But if you do tell your story, it will be heard by animal lovers who truly “get it”.

If you had told me last year on the Forth Of July that it wouldn’t be Buddy’s last birthday, I never would have believed you. At fifteen years old, I was sure it was his last.

Gosh was I wrong....Read More »

Bonding with animals

August 2013

Each month, for more than a year now, I am overwhelmed by the response I receive on my column from listeners and readers alike. Most are dog owners, some are cat people only, others are without pets entirely. One owns a goat,...Read More »

Black & White Kitties

May 2013

While Vermont’s fifth season, known in northern New England as “mud season” is slowly retreating, I’m reminded how much I love this time of year. Emerald pastures are returning, red maple buds will burst open to a lush mint green and dirt...Read More »

The Master

August 2012

We have all heard the word “Master” used with relation to man and his beloved dog. A prestigious title that the grand and powerful man has given himself that has lasted centuries. Some might suggest it’s a term attributed to dominance; an...Read More »

Beautiful Disaster

April 2014

This just in: DOGS FEEL NO SHAME. At least that’s what animal experts are now revealing in a recently published study. According to the findings by these animal behaviorists, the guilty look they give us (head cowered, ears back, sad eyes drooping...Read More »

Warms better than a wood stove

February 2013

It’s dawn Saturday morning. The sun is just breaking the ridge to the east. The kitchen glows with a magnificent florescent orange sunrise. Perfectly crystallized snowflakes stick to the panes, matched in color almost as if they’re air brushed. The river through...Read More »

The Alpha Bit

March 2013

It seems a true alpha male comes in varying forms. And I’m always intrigued by how different species demonstrate their alpha traits. A male peacock will show off his extravagant colors through a spectacular display...Read More »

Slow down for thanks

December 2013

Welcome to December. With the excitement of Christmas and the looming New Year just ahead, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of life and skip over Thanksgiving. The meaning behind the holiday should linger beyond just...Read More »

One Cool Customer

January 2014

There I stood, next to Santa Claus, shouting “Merry Christmas” while waving to passing motorists along Route 15 in Wolcott. It was a perfect afternoon, sunny and hot. The annual “Christmas In July” sales extravaganza at Bucks Furniture was on, and this...Read More »

Comforting is in their DNA

January 2013

Dogs know best. At least I believe they do. Maybe not every single one of them, but most of them it seems anyway, with perhaps the exception of the super tiny breeds. They know when things aren’t right, when we’re not right....Read More »

Beyond the mailbox

March 2014

My column last month suggested we allow ourselves to learn more from our dogs; specifically how to live a full and healthy life. Dogs, after all, can set some of the best examples with how to overcome hardship while all along maintaining...Read More »

Proven Love

October 2013

Today, I share words I cannot speak of. With great sadness, I was forced to make the single most difficult decision I have ever made; to end the life of my most beloved and loyal friend of sixteen wonderful years. Without question,...Read More »

The Happy Place

November 2013

Buddy wrote me a letter. Here is what it said:


I never knew you had so many readers, listeners and friends. I can’t believe how many letters and cards...Read More »


April 2013

I recently stopped off at the new pet store in Berlin to pick up food for Buddy. While wandering the isles, I must be honest; I was overwhelmed by the selection. Grain free, low fat, high protein, raw, canned, dry, holistic, even...Read More »

Lost on the trail

December 2012

Tis the season for insanity. With “Black Friday”, “Small Business Saturday”, “Cyber Monday” and “Giving Tuesday” it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and forget about all we’re thankful for. For me, Thanksgiving is more than just one day. It’s...Read More »

Happy Howl-O-Ween

November 2012

Behold ! November has arrived. It means the mountainsides turn barren and grey, waiting to be dusted with the first snow. It means the firewood is stacked, leaves are raked, boats and lawn furniture are put away until spring. It means life...Read More »

Spontaneous Consumption

October 2012

It’s almost impossible for an old dog not to flirt with accident and injury, or sometimes even death. I refer to these moments as “dodging bullets”. For the last fifteen years, Buddy has dodged many. The last one however, may have brushed...Read More »

Dog Gone

September 2012

Buddy and I were recently interviewed on a local public access television program called “For The Animals” hosted by Sue Skaskiw of the Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals....Read More »


June 2012

Dog owners will tell and re-tell stories and experiences they’ve shared with their canine companions to anyone who will listen. Some are common every day experiences, others not so much. Such was the case recently...Read More »

Building Relationships

My writings spotlight the last sixteen years with my faithful cohort, my dog “Buddy”.

To know me as a local radio personality for the last twelve years is to only know a small part of who I...Read More »

Born on the 4th of July

July 2012

In just a few short days America will mark its 236th birthday. The fourth of July calls for us to celebrate our Nations independence. Traditions like parades, fireworks, backyard barbeques, swimming and camping; we do it all. But for me, the holiday...Read More »

Got Dog?

June 2013
I feel sorry for the people of Massechusetts. The American Veterinary Medical Association recently released their findings on pet ownership in the United States. Massechusetts came in dead last. Not to suggest that Massechusetts doesn’t love their pets any...Read More »

Ruff Terraine

September 2013

There’s a large framed photograph on the wall next to my bed. I glance at it almost every night for a few minutes before I close my eyes. At over thirty-three inches, it’s a spectacular view from the summit of Camels Hump....Read More »

Follow The Leader

February 2014

If all dogs go to heaven, maybe each bares a distinctive tag that signifies their purpose and accomplishments on earth. Such a tag would reward them for the traits they possess the most, like loyalty, courage, heroism, faithfulness....Read More »

Best seat in the house

July 2014

This July 4th was my first without Buddy on his birthday. And for those of you that knew him, you knew he thought  4th of July fireworks were solely for him. So this year, it seemed only appropriate to return to our...Read More »

The Animal Inside Us

November 2014

There it was on the cover of USA Today while I waited in line at Jiffy Mart, “Your Cat Hates You”. I reached over and grabbed it, intrigued. After all, I’ve always been more of a “dog person”. The article discussed a...Read More »

Indelibly Stamped

December 2014

“I want you to shoot his paw,” I said to my friend Randy, a talented photographer who stopped over one night a few years ago.

I didn’t need to explain why I didn’t want the typical...Read More »

No Contest

October 2014
“Is this your first?” she asked.

“It sure is,” I replied with a beaming smile. Her next comment has stayed with me. “You will never know a greater love for anyone or anything in...Read More »

Hog's Breath

September 2014

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine. Attempting to gently introduce it during a meeting of Paws, our pet bereavement group,...Read More »

Or Best Offer

June 2014

Memorial Day weekend in New England is somewhat of a rite of passage for northerner’s. We open our windows, come out of hibernation, reintroduce ourselves to our neighbors and proudly display Old Glory. Green has all but replaced brown, the buzz of...Read More »

Buddha Buddy

August 2014

We began by creating a nice virtual bubble around our inner beings, whatever that means. It was something I was reluctant to do but curious at the same time. I’ve never been much of a believer in superficial “things” but as vulnerable...Read More »